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        Buddha was thin.
        The big guy is a fabled monk,

        especially popular in Japan, where they
        call him Hotei

        (pronounced hoe-tay) he wandered the
        Chinese countryside at least a

        thousand years later, performing minor
        magic and predicting the future.

        Over the years he became a folk hero and

        a symbol of happiness and good
        Fortune. ‘

        Hotei muddied the waters a bit by

        composing a poem on his deathbed
        suggesting he might have been the

        reincarnation of some other Buddha.

         But he was certainly not the
        original Buddha. Statues and paintings of

        the real Buddha typically show him as lean
        and trim.

        Many statues showing him looking rather
        emaciated.  There again many statues

        have gone for somewhere in the middle.
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