Page 8 - April Muse 2017
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           Bite size


           self-injury presented by

                                                                                       Sue Ozolins

           Caters to every participants individual preferences so that the tasting menu perfectly

           reflects your tastes

           Why do people Self-injure?


           The Who & the Where, accompanied by the When and with What of Self-injury?


           And the finale dessert is worth waiting for
           The How to Help with a robust helping of How not to Hinder

           Coffee & biscuits
           Relax back into your chair and enjoy a warm serving of Question time and well

           rounded answers

           Being only a bite size training session of 90 minutes these are just a few of the
           fabulous offerings to grace the table, more is on offer and available.

           Participants are constantly surprised by the informative creations, as the creator

           keep things different and stimulating, participants are coming back for the full
           experience.                                                             © Sue Ozolins 2013

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