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     Change is the nature of the                                   Front Cover song  Shakespears Sister - I Don't
     universe.  I Ching,                                          Care  available at

     “The Book of Change”

              I suspect it may be like the difference                         Contents

         between a drinker and an alcoholic; The one                            Regular Features

          merely reads books, the other needs books                 Legend               30-31

                    to make it through the day.                     Lyrics of Drugs      29

                                                                    My Story             4-28
                           -Gail Carriger...
                                                                    Seriously Page       33,  36,  43,
                     Web site
                                                                    5 Star awards                44-52

                                                                    History of Drugs back next edition

                                                                                “The goal of life is living in

                                                                                agreement with nature.”
                                                   Surf the Verbal
                                                                                —Zeno (335 BC–264 BC)

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