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        My Story

                                                               after my sister was born and me, my
        Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m an
                                                               mum and sister lost everything.
        alcoholic. I have been sober for one
        year and 4 months as I write this and I
                                                               When my father left one day and broke
        would like to share my journey with you
                                                               my mother’s heart, dumping her for her
        in the hope that I can inspire you to
                                                               best friend.  She never got over the
        become or stay sober, or perhaps to
                                                               betrayal and it affected her mental state
        show you there is hope when your life is
                                                               daily, she would go from being happy
        filled with darkness. Sobriety always
                                                               and motivated to depressed and
        seemed out of reach for me, I never
                                                               suicidal; as a result, she discovered that
        thought I would stop drinking and was a
                                                               she had bipolar disorder and as a result
        miserable, angry, bitter alcoholic for ten
                                                               life always seemed to be a chaotic
        long years. However, when I stopped
                                                               struggle. It became common for us to
        drinking I discovered that there was
                                                               go hungry without food and my mother’s
        another way, life is worth living and
                                                               mental health went downhill and her
        strength beyond anything you’ve ever
                                                               drinking got worse, however soon
        known exists inside all of us, you just
                                                               alcohol wasn’t enough for her, so she
        need to find it.
                                                               turned to drugs.

        I was born in the late 80s to an alcoholic
                                                               At first, she would take recreational
        mother and emotionally distant father,
                                                               drugs, then moved onto hard drugs,
        we lived in a lovely 3-bedroom house in
                                                               anything to escape reality- then she
        a respectable middle classed area in
                                                               found oblivion through heroin.
        Manchester and life seemed good for
                                                               I remember when I was about 6 years
        the first few years of my life; however,
                                                               old, I would climb the kitchen cabinets
        my parents’ marriage fell apart shortly
                                                               looking for food, sometimes I found
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