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        I carried the lie like a curse, so much                    friends and freedom. He hit me for a

        to keep to myself. At first, I was not                     final time just before my 18 th birthday
        allowed out of his house, locked in                        and he made the mistake of doing it

        whenever he went out, if guests                            in front of a work colleague.
        came over he would hide me in the

        bedroom, I would lay on the floor                          Sharon was a middle-aged mum who
        behind the bed, terrified to move,                         had a big heart and would take

        terrified to be seen and caught.                           younger workers under her wing,

        Eventually Jason let me leave the                           I had to walk 6 miles to work and
        house, to go to work and earn                              back every day as he wouldn’t waste

        money, he would keep my wages                              the fuel on me, one day she insisted
        and spend them on himself, I rarely                        that she gave me a lift home,

        got to enjoy the money I earned.                           I accepted scared of the outcome,
                                                                   but unable to think of an excuse.

         I worked in a shop and wasn’t                             As expected, Jason was in a rage
        allowed friends, none of them could                        when I returned home and before I

        be trusted, I would have to meet him                       could walk inside the house he
        on every lunch break and go straight                       punched me hard across in the

        to the car at the end of the day, if he                    mouth splitting my lip and causing it
        saw me talking to someone it would                         to bleed everywhere.

        only cause arguments, I learnt how to
        keep my mouth shut.                                        Sharon was still watching, horrified

                                                                   she bundled me into the car and let
                                                                   me stay at her place that night, later

                                                                   going to the house with her husband
                                                                   to get some of my things.

                                                                   That hadn’t convinced me to leave

                                                                   though, it was the following day that
                                                                   Jason came into my workplace

                                                                   during my lunch break and asked me
                                                                   to go to a café with him so we could

        Eventually when I reached 17,                              talk, I reluctantly agreed thinking we
         I couldn’t put up with it anymore,                        would be safe in public.

        Jason had a violent temper, a rage                         I sat in the café with him, he smiled
        that scared me for my life and I was                       as we sat down, I thought that he was

        sick of not having my own money,                           going to apologise, but he didn’t.
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