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        ‘Why did you make me do it?’ Jason                      ‘Can I speak to Rachel and see what

        said, ‘In front of someone too, I want an               she wants?’ Sharon asked.
        apology for you embarrassing me like                    ‘She’s fine,’ Jason replied locking the

        that.’                                                  doors to the car with his key.
        I started to feel devastated, struggling

        not to cry and let him see I was scared,                She went to walk up to me in the back
        ‘no,’ I replied, ‘I didn’t do anything                  of the car, but he stopped her, grabbing

        wrong.’                                                 and squeezing her arm.

        ‘You pushed me to do it, in front of her                ‘If you know what is good for you you’ll
        too, why did you bring her home? To                     leave it,’ He snarled.

        our house??!’
                                                                Sharon stopped in her tracks, his sud-

        I started to cry now, unable to hold it in.             den change in mood scared her, she
        People started to look at me, I pan-                    tried not to show it, but I could see it in

        icked, I was making it worse.                           her eyes.
        ‘People are looking, you’re making a

        scene,’ he whispered angrily under his                  He jumped in the car then drove us
        breath.                                                 home in silence, the beating I got that

                                                                night reinforced how I felt about never
        I had no choice, ‘I’m sorry,’ I whispered.              being safe or free again.

        ‘Good now let get you home, I’m glad
        you can see what you did.’ He smiled.                   A few days later I woke up bruised and

        I felt so helpless, so alone, so stuck.                 fed up it was time to escape. I started
        I returned to work and didn’t say a word                to slowly move my things out of the

        to anyone, Jason picked me up when I                    house and leaving them at work during
        finished work and drove me to                           my shifts, I wasn’t allowed to talk to

        Sharon’s, I had a plan, to go in and get                Sharon anymore but I did and she
        my stuff and not come back, but Jason                   helped me by storing my stuff, I knew I

        was two steps ahead of me. He locked                    wouldn’t be able to take it all, especially
        the car and told me not to get out under                the pictures of my mother that were in

        any circumstances.                                      frames on the bedroom walls; he would
        He knocked on Sharon’s door and                         know what I was doing if I took those.

        went inside, after a few minutes he
         returned outside carrying my bags, as                  Eventually Jason caught on to what I

        he walked towards the car Sharon                        was doing and invited me over to col-
        followed him to the car and looked at                   lect the pictures of my mother, I usually

        me.                                                     took a friend with me at the time but no
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