Page 4 - December Muse 2016
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Andrew Ahmad-Cooke, shares his story                                                  4

        It has been a year today since I last drank alcohol.  Through the last twelve months
        my life has changed; it has undergone a metamorphosis, but I am still all too aware

        of my demons lurking within. I am aware of my weaknesses.   Remember. I still feel
        guilt and shame for the agony I put my loved ones through.  Today, my home life

        has transformed. Trust is slowly building, becoming stronger every day, and with
        that burgeoning trust everyone’s happiness blooms.

        Although some wounds may never fully heal, my relationships with my wife and

        daughter are blossoming and growing every day. After all, they are entitled to be
        cautious. A friend said that it must be great for my wife to get the old me back, but

        this isn’t the old me. I have never felt so connected to myself or the Universe.
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