Page 5 - December Muse 2016
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          So many things have returned or are working their way back to me.

          Every day new ideas and people are stimulating my mind and consciousness.
          Connection is now my mantra.  Since I started this blog in March I have

          connected with many beautiful, recovering souls from all over the world.

           Everyone is somewhere on the timeline of their own path to recovery from
          addiction, but with togetherness everything can be accomplished.

           Connections are crisscrossing the world; minds and souls coming together

          with a shared mission, wrapped up in their personal fight for recovery. I see
          this as a microcosm of our planet’s renewal.  All can be achieved through

          togetherness and connection.

        I love the book Conversations by Theodore Zeldin. It is about the importance of
        conversation in our lives, explaining how it is at the root of creativity; how it is
        better than laws in helping to change our mind-sets and how it makes life more

        interesting, friendly or passionate.

        The book’s aim is to stimulate conversation itself and our thinking about how and

        why we talk, and what we talk about. Zeldin writes, “…a new kind of group is
        growing up in the world, an affinity of people living in every continent, for whom

        the broadening of their curiosity is a major passion…I personally think we should
        start on that adventure…by giving older people more opportunities to share their

        experience with the young, to counter the segregation of the generations and of
        knowledge.” This is happening right now in the internet world of recovery.
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