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        It is a truly beautiful thing for me that people from around the world have
        recognised and affirmed my stories, when not long ago all hope was lost. The

        thing which I find personally most enhancing is the contact from people who have
        found something to cling to in my words. As I do not regularly attend AA/NA, I see

        it as my service.     There are thousands of people in recovery telling their stories
        in blogs or websites and everybody’s words resonate and give hope.  In July next

        year a group of my closest friends are planning to gather for a reunion, many with
        their children in tow. Together we populated the Dirty Cow parties I wrote about in

        my post ‘Music’.  You could not wish to meet a more welcoming group of
        dazzlingly creative beings as the ‘Cows’; they are

        always encouraging, open to making connections and
        sharing experiences. I am very excited about the

        prospect of renewing friendships and hearing their
        stories. This is an event I could not have even

        contemplated this time last year. Now, far from worrying
        about any temptations, I am really looking forward to

        attending this gathering of the herd with the clarity of
        mind my abstinence brings.

        I met up with a very old friend this week whom I have

        not seen for over thirteen years. We used to be drug
        buddies, both working on separate music projects in the

        same studio complex. We smoked as much heroin and cocaine that we could lay
        our hands on. We were both an absolute mess. When I last saw him, in 2003, I

        had just started on the path to recovery from heroin addiction. We have
        communicated since then but not in person, so I knew he was also now in

        recovery. We spent a lovely afternoon in the Tate Modern. The conversation was
        still as engaging, and not just because we had so much to catch up on. The thing

        that I found curious and surprising is that our sober days are only 24 hours apart. I
        cannot express how happy it made me to see him so healthy and as enthusiastic

        about life and recovery as I am.

        As the days and months have passed my confidence and creativity have grown. I
        am currently involved in too many different projects to list here.  As I said in my

        conversation with Chris Aguirre from the Recovery Revolution Online, “I don’t want
        to think about turning stuff down. I want to say yes to everything. I used to be like

        that about drugs.” I want it all. I am greedy for life. Ideas are flowing through me
        like electric charges. Once again magnetism has returned to my life. I will not let

        go of it this time.  “The telling of stories creates the real world” Alberto Manguel

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