HOPE Publication Feedback

Honesty  Opportunity Potential Encouragement



“Found it very informative about the different types of self-harm and the reasoning why people do it as a coping method to get over their problems.

Also provides  ‘hope’ there are ways of overcoming self-harm.”


“Made a lot of sense.  Could relate a lot to reasons of self-harm etc.  Did actually give me some hope reading this.”


“Good piece of literature helps me think about my situations and others, good read, helped family members “



“Helpful because it makes me look more at why I self – harm and what I do to help

myself.  It is also useful for people who are supporting me to read so that they

 understand more about self -harm.”




“The booklet was really helpful in what it said and it really made me think about what self-injury is and the effects it has on people.”



“Helps me understand myself and also I can show this to others.”



“Interesting! Helpful!”




Training feedback on understanding Self-harm presented by Sue OzOlins


“The video was useful as we heard from actual clients. The trainer had a wealth of knowledge and experience on the subject so I feel I have learned a lot.”


“I found it interesting and very helpful. The course was well presented and information handed out was excellent”


"Excellent training and I feel like I have some in-sight into self-harming. Straight to the point and well developed."


“I admire your honesty, and am impressed with the course content and set up.”


“The training has helped me understand better why people self-harm.”


"I think the work you do is inspirational- your presentations were informative and quirky. Loved the use of music and art. I found your personal testimony very moving and brave."


"Excellent. Very real and factual. No skirting around the issues. Motivating. Really opened my eyes when I thought I knew. very helpful. Thank you."



"Handouts were of a very high standard.”

“Interaction was good, trainers enthusiasm obvious.”


“The mixture of visuals,  literature, spoken and music were a very effective way of communicating.”


“I found it very informative.  Good handouts.”


“First class one of the best courses I have been to.”


I enjoyed the anecdotes from practical experience.


“I enjoyed the method of the training as it got away from the classroom approach.  Very good!”


 "Very enlightening. Very professional presentation. Informative."



“I really enjoyed the training it was lively, real and very good use of music.”


“Excellent presentation. Useful resources. Very needed.”

 “Very good, well explained and presented.”


“Very effective and enjoyable”


" Excellent  presentation. Very clear."

“Information was very well presented and understandable.“


“Presentation was clear to the point, non-sentimental and relevant. Relaxation methods were brilliant, useful and relevant. Support aids were clear, workable and relevant, I think my clients would find them useful and gain from using them. "



Client Feedback

“I have learned a greater understanding of how people’s beliefs can affect their lives. But these beliefs can be altered”


“One of the things Sue has giving me is my

 confidence back.  To be able to do things on my own, my mind seems to be a lot clearer and I’m more determined to do things even if it takes a long time.”



“Noticed self defeating behaviour I’m not alone. First step to understanding why I isolate etc. and what action this has on myself and those around me.

Encourages me to stop being a victim”


“Someone to talk to.  Seek inspiration and advice.  Remind me to use thought replacement techniques and other confidence boosting methods.”


“Enjoyed presentation, made me more determined to sort myself out.”


"Excellent, hard-hitting, straight to the point but educational. Love the fact music is involved as that makes you think/focus more, but keeps the presentation moving and interesting."


"It stimulated my brain & sense of well-being.  Also made me look at what I do self-injury wise"


"Made me believe that I shouldn’t do things to myself & I should talk more about things. Enjoyed music & images."




“A great way to get involved.  A good read. Helpful and supportive”



Very useful and informative I have been able to implement various exercises with my clients. 



“I think this is very informative and has made me feel I am not alone.”



“Other people’s stories are very interesting and inspirational they have shown a lot of courage, overall very positive.”



“Worth every minute invested in reading it.

Worth every minute contributing to it.

Worth every minute waiting for the next one.”