Training on understanding Self-injury & Self-harming Behaviour  Sue Ozolins

Training workshops on the causes, effects, treatment & rehabilitation of individuals that self-harm

30 Years Experience as a Trainer. Objective: To provide challenging, informative training that motivates and instils confidence using a safe, non threatening innovative approach. Aims To increase understanding and confidence, reducing the stress for you and your client Equipping you with real tools to address the issues Thus assisting you to problem solve by working outside the box but within the bounds of safe practice

  Sue Ozolins has 30 years experience as a Trainer and has worked one to one with people that suffer from self-injury & self-harming behaviour for nearly 20 years.

Sue has a lived experience of Self-injury and a clear understanding of how an individual becomes entrapped and turns to this coping method.  Sue has worked with a diverse range of people who have self-injured, having worked one to one with prisoners, people with drug and alcohol addictions, learning disabilities, physical and mental disabilities, youth and the elderly, and homelessness.   

Training courses are available at competitive prices and concessions will be considered.

Availability to provide training at your agency, school etc.  

Bookings now being taken for 2017



Here are just a few comments from people who have already accessed the training


 "Never a dull moment. Some of the best use of power points I have ever seen. I stayed focused through the whole day, a first for me." 

 "Really enjoyed the use of the training aids that were used, really made me think differently and I thought I understood the issue already."

 "I went away with so much I can share with the clients I work with. Big thanks, also great training. Loved the use of music." 

"Useful and very informative, really helped discussing the risks and what to look out for."

 "Thought the way “Attention Seeker” was changed to “Care Seeker” was ingenious, changed my thoughts around this."

"Great tips for working with groups never thought of those kind of risks. Thanks for a lovely day when I thought I was going to struggle all day"

 "Felt the trainer really knew her stuff and information was coming from the heart."

"I read the objective and was intrigued how the trainer would achieve this, but I have to admit my beliefs were challenged and it was productive and in such a way I didn’t even notice my beliefs had changed till much later when someone asked me about the training I had that day".

 "I had to let you know how good your training was, a month later and I still find elements of the training coming back to me, guess you right when you said your training sticks. Thanks excellent day."